About Us

Our History


Linen King was founded in 1999 by L.K. McCullough, Kevin Jordan, and Leonard McCullough. The Linen King concept was developed from an earnest desire to operate the best linen service provider in the southwest region. In 1997, Leonard and his wife Jennie decided to move “back home” to the Tulsa area and investigate building a business with Leonard’s father, L.K. McCullough. At that time, L.K. was successfully operating a commercial laundry in Joplin, Missouri that was owned by a non-profit workshop for the disabled. He oversaw the development of this laundry from its blueprint stage and quickly grew it into a large healthcare-specific laundry.


After partnering with local entrepreneur Kevin Jordan, Linen King purchased its first healthcare laundry operation from the ServiceMaster Corporation in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. In a few short months and with a great deal of hard work, early mornings, and late nights, Linen King took the struggling ServiceMaster laundry and turned it around, more than doubling the volume in the first year.


Since 1999, Linen King has experienced double-digit growth each year and has maintained a 95 percent customer retention rate. Linen King’s current regional footprint now includes more than 150,000 square feet in healthcare laundry  facilities located in Arkansas, Oklahoma, MissouriKansas and Tennessee. These facilities will process more than 70 million pounds of healthcare laundry annually.



Linen King brings an unprecedented level of customer service to healthcare linen. Managing partners are available to customers at all times, providing hands-on healthcare linen solutions that competitors are unable to match. We also compensate our employees well and try to ensure that Linen King is an enjoyably place to work. It’s a strategy that’s allowed us to grow from just 14 employees to more than 300 in a very short time!


Mission Statement

“A full service commercial laundry where you’re treated like royalty”

Linen King will establish the nation’s preeminent business model for providing outstanding quality linen service to the healthcare and hospitality industries, while at the same time generating meaningful and integrated employment opportunities.

We will accomplish this mission by following these principles:

  • Honor God in all our activities
  • Have an unwavering commitment to higher moral standards
  • Establish a “get the job done” attitude within the organization
  • Always realize that our business exists to serve our customers
  • Empower our employees to think and act innovatively
  • Continually create new growth opportunities for our employees
  • Foster a work environment that provides for a proper balance of priorities
  • Pursue fairness and equality in all business dealings
  • Have fun and be thankful
  • Always do the right thing- even when no one is watching



Linen King brings a wide range of management experience and talents to ensure healthcare laundry service is the last thing you have to worry about. With Linen King, you will receive personalized, hands-on attention from an owner of the company- someone who has a vested interest in your complete satisfaction. Moreover, we have fostered the same pride and dedication in our employees.


We have assembled a unique team of professionals uncommon in the healthcare industry to ensure we exceed your expectations. We are a local, active and dedicated company focused on doing one thing and doing it properly- providing unparalleled healthcare laundry service. Our growth, customer satisfaction and commitment to the future are indicative of our mission and how we operate.


Meet our leadership team.


Leonard McCullough
Leonard McCullough is the CEO and founding partner of Linen King. He is a graduate of Duke University and has more than 18 years of experience in the laundry industry.
LK McCullough
LK McCullough Is a founding partner and has almost 50 years of laundry experience. He now serves as Vice President of Operations. As he travels to all of our plants regularly he is a wealth of information and keeps us all on our toes.
Gary Hutchison
Gary Hutchison is the COO of Linen King and has extensive manufacturing, sales and service experience with the healthcare industry, having previously served as CEO for a large manufacturing company and as a manager with Johnson & Johnson.
Jay Betz
Jay Betz is President/CFO for Linen King. Jay is a seasoned accounting, finance and operations professional, possessing a CPA certification and outstanding academic credentials. Jay also served as CFO for a large, billion-dollar organization.
Patsy Skaggs
Patsy Skaggs is the Director of Account Management, managing our dedicated Account managers. She has more than 35 years’ experience in the laundry industry ranging from plant operations to working with major hospital customers.
Kevin English
Kevin English is our Director of Sales and Marketing. He has been in the industry for over 32 years. Kevin is a strong sales professional with the knowledge to deal with issues from the dock to the boardroom.
Michelle Admire
Michelle Admire is the corporate office manager and brings with her a tremendous range of skills. She has experience in banking, accounting and customer service. Her values, work ethic and consistent attention to detail make her an excellent and invaluable asset for the Linen King operation.
Jerry Crawford
Jerry Crawford is the corporate financial Controller. He has an extensive, 30 year accounting background working for such companies as PricewaterhouseCoopers and Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group.

Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson manages our Springdale, Arkansas  location and has more than 31 years experience in commercial laundry management. Under Sam’s watch, Linen King’s Arkansas operations have grown tremendously, and his “whatever it takes” attitude is being replicated throughout the company. Sam is also a graduate of the Production Management Institute’s three-year continuing education and certification program.
Steve Falkner
Steve Falkner manages the Wichita, Kansas facility with more than 38 years’ experience in the laundry industry as a manager, business owner, and service professional.
Randy Henderson
Randy Henderson began his laundry career with us 2005 and has risen through the ranks to attain the position of General Manager in Midwest City, OK. His in-depth knowledge and commitment allow him to be successful in managing one of our largest volume plants.
Carlos Simms
Carlos Simms has been in the laundry industry for over 12 years. He was previously the Assistant General Manager and is now the General Manager in Columbia, MO. He has developed a strong team to help him achieve excellent customer satisfaction as well as excellent plant efficiencies.
Preston Bringhurst
Preston Bringhurst is the General Manager in Memphis, TN. He has been in the laundry business for 10 years and began his career with us as an Account Manager serving as a liaison between the plant and its customers. Preston makes great use of those years of strong industry knowledge and his over 10 years of previous management experience to lead our newest location.
Lanier Bone
Lanier Bone is our Corporate Production Specialist and works with each plant across Linen King to help improve our operation efficiencies. Lanier has over 20 years of very broad based laundry experience from plant design to laundry equipment to successful plant operations.
Ron McCann
Ron McCann has over 30 years of experience in our industry and is the General Manager in Conway, AR. Ron has extensive experience in plant operations as well as plant ownership. Conway, AR is our largest plant and Ron is making it one of our most efficient as well.